Produce is starting to come in from the garden. This is a really fun time of year, but challenging at the same time. Running to the grocery store with a list in hand is one thing- but creating a meal from the miscellaneous vegetables that trickle and gush into the kitchen is a whole different style of cooking. Wasting produce that you literally put your own sweat into growing is  horrible. I decided to try using some of the various items to create a fajita and loved it. Bonus side effect? The meat went much much further with all the various veggies on the plate. Below is what I did. Use this for inspiration and adjust based on what’s in your house or looks yummy to you!


Garden Fajita Salad


YIAH Fajita seasoning

YIAH Picante Olive Oil

1 lemon

 1 pound beef skirt steak

2 onions – sliced

1 pound green beans – frenched (slice in half from top to bottom)

2-3 squash/zucchini – sliced into thick matchsticks


lettuce – washed and cut

tomatoes – cut to desired size

carrots – grated


jalapeno peppers – sliced, saute first if they are really spicy

sour cream

cucumber slaw (recipe below)




Drizzle meat lightly with Picante Olive Oil, fajita seasoning (1 tsp) and the juice from 1/2 the lemon. Mix thoroughly and set aside to marinate.

Mix onions, green beans and squash/zucchini. Drizzle with picante olive oil, fajita seasoning (.5 – 1 tsp) and the remaining lemon juice. Toss gently and set aside to marinate.

Get your skillet nice and hot and sear the fajita meat. Set aside and cook the veggies in the same pan. Slice the meat into about 1/2 inch slices. Be sure to cut perpendicular to the grain, or you will be chewing a very long time. (Think about it – you want to create a lot of short fibers, not a few long ones.) Toss with salad ingredients and top with garnish. YUM!


IMG_3887Cucumber Slaw

1 cucumber grated

1 Tbs YIAH salsa dip mix seasoning

1 Tbs lemon or lime juice

Combine ingredients and let sit for at least 30 min. Season with salt as needed.