Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. Here’s a little info about me

I’ve been married for 8 years, and am mother to 2. Mickle (6), and Petal (2). We are just starting the adventure of homeschooling. I live in my kitchen. I LOVE to cook.  I also garden. I’m a child of God, and appreciative of the gift of his Son, and the strength and peace I receive because of my relationship with Him. I’m a strange mixture. I’m a quite a bit crunchy (cloth diaper, attachment parenting, make my own deodorant), and yet love a good mascara and getting a good hair cut.

Food is my passion. Sometimes that takes the form of a new recipe, sometimes the form of nutrition. I think we would all be alot healthier, happier, and more at peace if we ate nutrient dense nourishing food! I’m still a bit new to understanding traditional foods- but have been reading and growing as much as possible!

Hope you find something useful or encouraging on my blog!