Like “Julie and Julia” there is a whole list of culinary “to do’s” that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Granted, they are a little different- but the thought makes my heart pump a little faster. Since most of them are centered around a lost skill or art, alot of them involve offal meats. In case you didn’t know – offals (pronounced, ironically enough, “awful”) are the organs and other “odd bits”. Well I can now check one off my list. I have officially made headcheese. It was slightly intimidating, and definitely a bit awkward- but overall a success!


I’ll post a recipe in the future. I want to play with the spices first a bit. Although very meaty – my first attempt was a bit bland once chilled. Seasonings often become more mild when an item is chilled or frozen. Our favorite way to eat it was fried though! No breading necessary. Just a hot cast iron skillet, and a thick slice of cold head cheese!