Both my children were born at home. It was an amazingly intimate experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way! My mother became a midwife when I was in my teens. I apprenticed under her for a while, and was able to experience home births, and even a handful of hospital births before I became pregnant with my own. Having seen both environments, it was a no-brainer for me. Aside from complications,  I wanted my children born at home. Complications are what hospitals are equiped for, they don’t understand how to allow a woman to birth naturally. They feel the need to “get involved”, and as a result often create complications where there were none. There is such an intense peace, and an air of awe that accompanies a home birth. I’ve had many women tell me that there’s no way they could have a baby at home (because of the lack of epidural). What they don’t realize, is the environments don’t even begin to compare. I don’t think I could have a natural childbirth experience in a hospital: a cold room, people coming in and out, telling me how I have to lay, or sit, drink or not drink, strapped to machines. The experiences are not similar at all! My mom attended both my births, as the midwife for the first, and my support structure (along with my hubby) for the second. It always saddens me when I hear mothers continuing to spread misinformation about the birthing processes. Most women in America are unaware of how beautiful and special birth can be. Just like we have lost touch with where our food comes from, we have lost touch with our bodies, and the act of birth. This lost connection has come with a price. It is not widely known, but we have 2nd highest mortality rate of all developed nations! That’s because of our doctor centered, hospital birthing system.

I read an awesome article on this very subject and I just had to share it with you. Go read it, it’s well worth your time! Huffington Post article on Childbirth in the USA

Oh- and if you are curious…’s my story about my second child’s birth – Petal’s Arrival