melons growing like crazy, and in the distance, basil and tomatoes

Time for a garden update! This year has been exponentially better than last year in the garden. We have made a bunch of changes. We’ve increased the garden space to 300 square feet, although it isn’t all planted at the moment. A huge and WELCOME change was in the area of watering. My dear husband installed a drip system on automatic timers for me. It’s saving me about 8 hours a week in watering! Thanks babe!!!!    

My herb spiral. I love this!

 I got the idea for this herb spiral from some websites on permaculture. You place the thirstier plants towards the base, and herbs that need less water towards the top.    

Yellow wax beans and roma tomatoes


Black eye peas

daikon raddishes and pepper plants

 I’ve never grown black-eyed peas before. They seem pretty easy so far. My plan is to let them dry on the plant, and then store them for this winter!    

arugula and salad greens


cucumbers and baby okra plants


yard long beans in the back, tomatoes in the front, peppers in the middle

tomatoes in the front, okra in the back














So we’ve been (hit and miss) tracking our garden’s production. We’ve been eating lots and lots of lacto fermented pickles, and pickled okra! Yum Yum!

fresh basil and peppers

So far we have harvested 25 pounds of cucumbers, 8 pounds of okra, 1.5 pounds of basil, and  9.5 pounds of various other vegetables. Our yard long beans are just about ready to start producing. I can’t wait! Love fresh vegetables straight from the garden!