What if…….. everything you’ve been told about nutrition was wrong.

What if………the people that  were deciding what we “should” eat – were the same ones profiting from our choices

What if……..the reason our society was overweight was the food pyramid

What if……You’ve been LIED to…………………

 Sounds like a giant conspiracy theory doesn’t it? Personally I’d like to think that the powers to be in the government have our best interest in mind. Unfortunately, that’s often not the cause. Money speaks. Money speaks. Money speaks. The food industry is a huge money-maker. Approximately 10 billion dollars a year is spent on advertising food….. just to children! I recently started researching food, nutrition, and the food industry. I was blown away by what I found. “Studies” manipulated to support the theory that was desired, other studies completely ignored. The organizations that sell food, directly involved in funding the consumer education campaigns designed to tell us what to eat! Talk about a conflict of interest! Join me as I separate the truth from the lies, and add clarity to the confusing world of what to eat, or not! We can’t continue on the path we are on. Although modern medicine is working harder and harder to keep us alive- our nutrition is killing us. We may be living longer than our grandparents- but certainly not longer than their grandparents, and we are definitely not living a better, healthier, stronger life!  It’s time for a change!